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Do I need Nintendo Online for Mario Party? A Quick Guide

If you’re considering playing Mario Party games on the Nintendo Switch, such as Super Mario Party or Mario Party Superstars, understanding the Nintendo Switch Online requirements is crucial.

Many players find themselves questioning if an online subscription is essential to fully experience the game. Whether you’re diving into single-player, enjoying local multiplayer, or venturing into online gameplay, it’s important to know when a Nintendo Online subscription comes into play.

In this guide, we’ll detail when a subscription is necessary and when it’s not, allowing you to navigate your gameplay seamlessly. Let’s get started.

Do I need Nintendo Online for Mario Party?

If you’re playing Mario Party by yourself (single-player) or with friends on the same Switch (local multiplayer), then you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

However, if you want to play with friends or people over the internet, then you do need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Local Multiplayer vs. Online Multiplayer

So, if you’re weighing the decision of getting an online subscription, here’s a deeper dive into both Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer modes.

Local Multiplayer:

  • Console-Based Play: This mode allows players to enjoy Mario Party on a single Nintendo Switch console. Whether you’re seated around the living room with family or have friends over, local multiplayer is all about sharing the same screen and the joy of direct competition.
  • Joy-Con or Controller Requirement: Typically, each player would require a Joy-Con or another compatible controller to participate. Depending on the game version or specific mini-games, there might be variations in controller configurations.
  • No Subscription Needed: One of the highlights of local multiplayer is that you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. As long as you have the game and enough controllers, you’re set to play!

Online Multiplayer:

  • Broaden Your Competition: Online multiplayer extends your gaming arena to the world. Play against friends, acquaintances, or even strangers globally, making the competition more varied and challenging.
  • Nintendo Switch Online Subscription: To access online multiplayer features in Mario Party, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is essential. This subscription not only grants you access to play online but often includes other perks like exclusive game offers or cloud save functionality.
  • Stable Internet Connection: A reliable and fast internet connection is a must for smooth gameplay. It ensures that the gaming experience is lag-free and that you’re always in sync with other players.

Setting Up Nintendo Switch Online for Mario Party

If you do decide to go for the online subscription then here’s a step-by-step guide on setting up and using the service for Mario Party:

  1. Sign In/Create: Log into or create a new Nintendo Account on your Switch.
  2. eShop: Open the eShop by tapping the orange shopping bag icon.
  3. Search: Find “Nintendo Switch Online” within the eShop.
  4. Subscription: Choose and purchase your preferred subscription plan.
  5. Launch & Play: Start Mario Party, go to the online multiplayer section, and either invite friends or join games.


  • Use a stable internet connection for smoother gameplay.
  • Exchange Nintendo friend codes (found under your user icon) to play with friends.

Just follow this checklist, ensure a good internet connection, and enjoy your online Mario Party sessions!

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