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How Long Does It Take to Complete Firewatch? A Comprehensive Guide

Firewatch is a popular adventure game set in the Wyoming wilderness, where players take on the role of a fire lookout named Henry.

As with many narrative-driven games, players often wonder about the time it takes to complete the story. In this article, we’ll break down the average playtime, considering various playstyles and what it takes to achieve 100% completion. Let’s dive into the details.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Firewatch?

Main Story:

For players experiencing Firewatch for the first time and focusing primarily on the main story, on average, it would take 4 hours. This includes navigating the Wyoming wilderness, communicating via walkie-talkie with Delilah, and unfolding the mysteries of the forest.

Main Story + Some Extras:

For players who delve into the main story and also take time to fully explore the environment, engage in extended dialogues, and discover hidden notes and locations, the gameplay duration is 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Completionists (100%):

Those aiming for 100% completion—taking their time to interact with every detail, explore all areas of the map, and thoroughly engage with the game’s narrative nuances—can expect to invest 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Factors that Influence Playtime

The vast Wyoming wilderness in Firewatch beckons players to explore, interact, and immerse themselves in its narrative intricacies.

Depending on individual preferences and playstyles, gamers might find themselves spending varied amounts of time unraveling the game’s mysteries.

From deep explorations to choices in dialogue, several in-game elements can significantly influence the overall duration of one’s journey through the game.

  1. Exploration Depth: Firewatch is set in the Wyoming wilderness and offers players a relatively open environment to explore. Players who take their time to visit various landmarks, such as the watchtowers, the lake, and other areas, will naturally have a longer playtime.
  2. Dialogue Choices: The game heavily revolves around the relationship between the protagonist, Henry, and his supervisor, Delilah. How much time a player spends engaging in conversations with Delilah, and the choices they make during these interactions, can extend or reduce the overall playtime.
  3. Narrative Engagement: There are several side narratives and hidden notes scattered throughout the game. Players who seek out these extra snippets of story will spend more time playing than those who stick strictly to the main objectives.
  4. Navigation Skills: Players familiar with navigation and reading maps might traverse the in-game environment more efficiently, reducing playtime. In contrast, those less adept might spend more time wandering and finding their way.
  5. Puzzle Solving: While Firewatch isn’t a traditional puzzle game, there are instances where players need to figure out what to do next or how to approach a particular scenario. The time taken to solve these can vary from player to player.
  6. Playstyle: Some players might take a relaxed, contemplative approach to the game, soaking in the atmosphere and scenery. Others might be more goal-oriented and focus on progressing the story. The former will likely have a longer playtime than the latter.
  7. Replayability: Firewatch offers multiple dialogue choices that can influence the game’s tone and certain events. Players might choose to replay the game to see different outcomes or experience parts of the story they might’ve missed, thereby increasing their total playtime.

Criteria for 100% Completion in Firewatch:

Achieving 100% completion in a game is a badge of honor for many dedicated players. This means delving deeper into the narrative, uncovering hidden gems, and fully experiencing the world Campo Santo has crafted. Here are the elements to consider if you’re aiming for that complete experience:

  1. Complete the Main Story: Navigate through all the game’s days and main events, culminating in the final interactions and the ending.
  2. Engage in All Dialogues: Take the time to thoroughly engage in all available conversations with Delilah and explore each dialogue branch to its fullest.
  3. Discover All Locations: Ensure you’ve visited every nook and cranny of the game’s map, including all named landmarks, watchtowers, and hidden areas.
  4. Find All Collectibles: Throughout the game, there are various objects and notes that can be found. Collecting these can provide additional insight into the game’s backstory and the lives of its characters.
  5. Document the Journey: Use the in-game camera to capture significant moments, landscapes, or points of interest. While not strictly required for a traditional “100% completion,” it does add depth to the personal experience.
  6. Listen to All Radio Channels: Throughout the game, you can tune into various radio channels. Make sure you’ve heard every available transmission for a full experience.
  7. Complete Optional Tasks: While the game doesn’t have a plethora of side quests, there are optional tasks and interactions that a player can engage in, such as clearing blocked paths or investigating distant smoke signals.

Note: Firewatch is primarily a narrative-driven experience, so “100% completion” might be more about personal satisfaction and immersion than checking off a list of objectives. The above criteria capture a more engaged and thorough approach to the game.

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