How Long to BeatDark Souls: Remastered

How Long is Dark Souls: Remastered? A Deep Dive into Playtime

Dark Souls has long been recognized for its challenging gameplay and rich, intricate world. With the release of Dark Souls: Remastered, players are given the opportunity to experience this classic game with improved graphics and smoother mechanics.

Whether you’re revisiting Lordran or stepping into its dark corners for the first time, one question might be on your mind: “How does the remastered version differ, and what can players expect?” In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Dark Souls: Remastered, including insights into its content and gameplay duration.

How Long is Dark Souls: Remastered?

Main Story:

For players experiencing the game for the first time and focusing primarily on the main story, on average, it would take 29 hours. This includes navigating the treacherous lands of Lordran, battling a variety of foes, and experiencing the core narrative.

Main Story + Some Extras:

For players who delve into the main story and also tackle some extras, such as undertaking side quests, discovering hidden items, and exploring off-path areas, the gameplay duration is 42 to 46 hours.

Completionists (100%):

Those aiming for 100% completion—finding all items, uncovering every hidden secret, defeating all optional bosses, and fully exploring the game’s vast lore—can expect to invest about 65 to 71 hours.


Speedrunners aim to finish the game as rapidly as possible using various strategies and shortcuts and have diverse categories for their runs. As of writing, the speedrun record is 1 hour 34 seconds.

Factors that Influence Playtime (IN-GAME FACTORS for Dark Souls: Remastered)

Dark Souls: Remastered offers a deep and intricate gameplay experience that varies significantly between players. Depending on personal choices, strategies, and interactions within the game world, playtime can range widely. Here are some in-game factors that can impact how long players spend in the haunting lands of Lordran.

1. Player Experience: Gamers familiar with the Soulsborne series, including its mechanics, challenges, and level designs, tend to progress more quickly. Newcomers might find themselves taking longer, learning the ropes of the game’s unique combat and progression system.

2. Playstyle: Dark Souls: Remastered is known for its flexibility in playstyles. Players who prefer to be methodical, taking their time to explore every nook and cranny, will naturally have a longer playtime compared to those who rush through areas.

3. Level of Exploration: The game contains numerous optional areas, bosses, and secrets. Those who decide to explore all areas and defeat all bosses will have a longer playtime.

4. Character Build: The type of character build – be it a warrior, sorcerer, cleric, or any mix – can influence how players approach challenges and how long they might take to overcome certain obstacles or enemies.

5. Summoning Help: Utilizing the game’s co-op feature to summon other players (or NPCs) for assistance, especially during boss battles, can make some encounters easier and possibly shorten playtime.

6. Grinding: Some players might spend hours farming souls (the game’s currency and experience points) to level up or acquire specific items, which adds to the total playtime.

7. Trial and Error: Given the game’s reputation for difficulty, many players will face numerous deaths as they learn from their mistakes, understand enemy patterns, and develop strategies. This iterative process can significantly increase playtime.

8. Online Interactions: Engaging in PvP (Player vs. Player) combat, being invaded by other players, or participating in in-game covenants and their associated activities can also affect the overall duration.

9. Use of External Guides: Players who consult walkthroughs, strategy guides, or online tips may progress more quickly, as they can avoid some of the trial and error inherent to blind playthroughs.

Criteria for 100% Completion in Dark Souls: Remastered

  1. All Bosses Defeated: This includes both main story bosses and optional bosses hidden throughout the game.
  2. All Areas Explored: Every region, from the Undead Burg to the Abyss, must be discovered and navigated.
  3. Acquisition of All Unique Items: This includes weapons, armor, rings, spells, and other unique gear. Some of these are rare drops or located in hidden areas.
  4. Full Upgrades: Max out the upgrade paths for all upgradable weapons and shields.
  5. All NPC Questlines Completed: Interact and follow through with all non-playable character stories to their conclusions.
  6. All Covenants Joined and Maxed: Players need to discover, join, and fully rank up in each of the game’s covenants.
  7. Acquire All Gestures: Learn every gesture from NPCs or other in-game interactions.
  8. All Achievements/Trophies Unlocked: For those playing on platforms with achievements or trophies, unlocking all of them is a requisite for full completion.
  9. Collect All Lore Items: This encompasses acquiring all the unique items that offer lore, such as the soul descriptions, which give deeper insights into the game’s story.
  10. Multiple Playthroughs: Due to the nature of the game, achieving 100% completion requires playing through the game more than once, given the multiple endings and certain items or choices only available in New Game+ and beyond.

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