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How Long is The Outer Worlds? A Comprehensive Guide to Playtime

The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing game created by Obsidian Entertainment. Since its release, one of the common questions players and potential buyers have is about the game’s length. How long does it take to finish?

And for those who want to dive deeper, how much extra time might they spend exploring side quests, companion stories, or aiming for full completion?

In this article, we’ll break down the different playtime durations based on various playstyles and objectives.

A Quick Glance at Playtime

Main Story:

For players experiencing the game for the first time and focusing primarily on the main story, on average, it would take 13 hours and 30 minutes. This includes the time it takes to engage in combat scenarios, navigate through the game’s intricate narrative, and interact with key characters.

Main Story + Some Extras:

For those players who decide to complete the main story and tackle some extras, such as engaging with side quests, exploring the diverse planets and space stations, and uncovering hidden lore, the gameplay duration would be about 25 to 27 hours.

Completionists (100%):

Players who aim to achieve 100% completion—completing all side quests, finding every hidden location, collecting all unique items, and building relationships with the game’s cast—can expect to invest about 25 to 28 hours.

Factors that Influence Playtime for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a vast and intricate universe, offering players a plethora of choices and avenues to explore. The beauty of this RPG is that no two playthroughs are exactly alike, as players craft their unique tales through decisions and actions.

However, with such depth comes variability in playtime, influenced by several in-game elements outlined below.

  1. Choice of Difficulty: The Outer Worlds offers multiple difficulty levels, including ‘Story‘, ‘Normal‘, ‘Hard‘, and the punishing ‘Supernova‘. Playing on a higher difficulty will naturally take longer, as enemies become tougher, and resource management becomes more critical.
  2. Narrative Choices: The game features branching narratives and multiple endings. The choices you make, including which factions you ally with and the outcomes of key missions, can either streamline or extend your playtime.
  3. Exploration: The game boasts several planets and space stations, each with its unique locales, secrets, and side quests. Players who thoroughly explore every nook and cranny will spend more time in the game.
  4. Combat Style: Depending on whether players choose a more direct combat approach, or a stealth-based one, or even a dialogue-heavy playthrough, times can differ. Some paths, especially dialogue-focused ones, can help bypass combat entirely, potentially shortening playtime.
  5. Companions: Throughout the game, players can recruit various companions. Building relationships, pursuing their side quests, and engaging in conversations with them will add more hours to the experience.
  6. Level of Engagement with RPG Elements: The game offers a robust character progression system, including attributes, skills, and perks. Players who delve deep into these systems, constantly tweaking their builds and experimenting with different skill sets, will likely invest more time.
  7. Crafting and Modifications: The game’s Tinkering and Modding systems allow players to upgrade and customize their weapons and armor. Spending time maximizing gear can add extra hours, especially for players who aim to optimize their loadouts.

Criteria for 100% Completion in The Outer Worlds

Achieving 100% completion in The Outer Worlds is a monumental feat, indicating a player’s thorough engagement with every facet of the game. Below are the key criteria to reach this milestone:

  1. Main Story Quests: Complete all the primary missions that drive the central narrative of the game.
  2. Side Quests: Finish every side mission available, each contributing to the deeper understanding of the universe’s lore and characters.
  3. Companion Quests: Each companion you can recruit has their own unique questline. Completing all of these offers insight into their backgrounds and cements your bond with them.
  4. Locations Discovered: Explore and uncover every named location across all planets, moons, and space stations.
  5. Unique Weapons & Armor: Acquire every unique weapon and piece of armor scattered throughout the game world. This includes those earned through quests, found in hidden locations, or purchased from specific vendors.
  6. Codex Entries: Collect all codex entries, which are snippets of lore and information about the universe of “The Outer Worlds.”
  7. Character Builds: Max out the skill tree and acquire all available perks for your character.
  8. Companion Perks: Just as with your main character, ensure each companion has all their available perks unlocked.
  9. Achievements/Trophies: Depending on the platform, unlock all game achievements or trophies, which often signify particular milestones or challenges in the game.
  10. Tinkering and Modding: Fully upgrade a set of weapons and armor using the game’s Tinkering and Modding systems, ensuring you’ve experienced the breadth of customization available.
  11. Factions: Achieve the highest reputation level with all in-game factions, signifying your character’s influence and rapport in the universe.

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