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How Long is Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Duration Explained

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch has garnered attention for its compelling story and vast world.

Many players wonder just how much time they might spend exploring its environments, battling foes, and diving into side quests.

The duration can differ significantly depending on how one approaches the game. In this article, we’ll provide a clear breakdown of how long it typically takes to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 based on various play styles and objectives.

A Quick Glance at Playtime

Main Story:

For players experiencing the game for the first time and focusing primarily on the main story, on average, it would take 63 hours and 30 minutes. This includes the time it takes to engage in combat scenarios, navigate through the game’s expansive narrative, and interact with key characters.

Main Story + Some Extras:

For those players who decide to complete the main story and tackle some extras, such as engaging with side quests, exploring the vast world of Alrest, and uncovering hidden areas, the gameplay duration would be about 110 to 111 hours.

Completionists (100%):

Players who aim to achieve 100% completion—completing all side quests, acquiring all rare blades, maxing out every character’s affinity chart, and more—can expect to invest about 264 hours and 30 minutes.


Speedrunners, aiming to complete the game as quickly as possible using a variety of strategies and exploits, have different categories for their runs. As of writing, the speedrun record for the main story on normal difficulty is 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 57 seconds.

Factors that Influence Playtime in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a sprawling epic with a multitude of gameplay elements and optional content. While it offers a rich main storyline, the game is designed to reward those who delve deeper, embracing its vast world and intricate systems. The duration a player spends in this universe can vary greatly based on several factors:

  1. Play Style: How a player approaches the game greatly affects duration. Some might rush through the main story, while others prefer a slower, more explorative approach, digging deep into the world’s lore.
  2. Side Quests: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offers a plethora of side quests. Engaging in these quests not only extends playtime but also provides deeper insights into the game’s world and characters.
  3. Character Bonding: Building relationships between characters, known as bonding, can be time-consuming. The process involves engaging in heart-to-heart events and battles to strengthen ties between characters.
  4. Acquisition of Rare Blades: Some players may spend additional time trying to obtain all the rare blades in the game, which involves a gacha-like mechanic that can be unpredictable.
  5. Affinity Charts: Maxing out every character’s affinity chart, which shows the growth and abilities of characters and blades, is a detailed process that can greatly add to playtime.
  6. Difficulty Level: The game’s difficulty setting can influence playtime. Higher difficulties might require more grinding, strategic planning, and retries.
  7. Exploration: The world of Alrest is vast and intricate, with many hidden locations, treasures, and secrets. Players who invest time in exploration will inevitably spend longer in the game.
  8. Battle Mechanics Mastery: The combat system in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is layered and complex. Players unfamiliar with its mechanics might take longer as they learn and master the various strategies and techniques.
  9. Post-Game Content: After the main story, there’s post-game content that can be explored, including unique monsters, quests, and challenges, which can add several hours to playtime.
  10. DLC and Expansion: The Torna – The Golden Country expansion and other downloadable content can significantly increase the total playtime for players who choose to delve into these additional stories and challenges.

Criteria for 100% Completion in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Achieving 100% completion in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a considerable endeavor, given the game’s expansive content. Here are the primary criteria players would need to meet:

  1. Main Story: Complete all chapters of the main story.
  2. Side Quests: Finish all available side quests throughout the game.
  3. Character Affinity Charts: Max out the affinity charts for every character and Blade, which means completing unique tasks, using specific abilities, and building relationships.
  4. Rare Blades: Acquire all the Rare Blades in the game, either through core crystal summoning or specific quests.
  5. Heart-to-Heart Events: View all heart-to-heart events between characters, which often require specific conditions to be met.
  6. Unique Monsters: Defeat every unique monster in the game. These are stronger variants of regular enemies, marked distinctly on the map.
  7. Exploration: Fully explore and uncover every part of the game’s map, including secret areas and points of interest.
  8. Treasure Troves: Locate and open all Treasure Troves scattered throughout Alrest.
  9. Mercenary Missions: Complete all Mercenary Missions available for each area and achieve the highest Mercenary Rank.
  10. Pouch Items: Purchase and use each unique pouch item at least once. These are consumables that can affect characters’ stats and affinities.
  11. Torna – The Golden Country (if including the DLC): Complete all story chapters, side quests, and other content exclusive to this expansion.
  12. Other DLC Content (if applicable): If aiming for 100% completion with all available DLC, players must complete any additional quests, challenges, and content offered.

Achieving 100% completion in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a testament to a player’s dedication and commitment. It requires extensive exploration, battling, and interaction with the game’s various systems and mechanics.

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