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How Long is Hollow Knight? A Playtime Guide

If you’re thinking about playing Hollow Knight or are already in the midst of your adventure, you might be wondering how much time you’ll spend in the world of Hallownest.

Like many games, the length of Hollow Knight can vary significantly based on how you choose to play.

Some players breeze through the main story, while others dive deep into every side quest and hidden area. This article breaks down the factors affecting playtime and what’s involved in reaching 100% completion. Let’s dive in.

How Long is Hollow Knight?

The length of the game can vary widely based on a player’s playstyle, how much they explore, and how many of the game’s secrets and optional content they engage with.

Main Story (Casual Playthrough):

For players diving into the game for the first time and primarily focusing on the main story, it typically takes around 27 to 30 hours. This estimate accounts for navigating the core regions of Hallownest, confronting essential bosses, and advancing through the central narrative.

Main Story + Some Extras:

For those who not only tackle the main story but also explore a bit more—engaging with side quests, defeating optional bosses, and collecting some of the many charms—the gameplay duration extends to about 43 to 45 hours.

Completionists (100%):

Players aiming for 100% completion—which entails collecting all charms, uncovering every secret area, defeating all bosses (including optional and Dream variants), and fully upgrading their character—can expect a commitment of around 66 hours. If one aims for 112% with the “Godmaster” content, this could even stretch further.

Main Story (Speedruns):

Speedrunners, with their goal set on blazing through the game as fast as possible using a range of techniques and shortcuts, operate in a different time frame altogether.

Speedrunning times can also evolve as new tactics are found. At the time of writing, the world record for Hollow Knight’s main story speedrun stands at 36 minutes 40 seconds, (RTA).

Factors that Influence Playtime in Hollow Knight

The duration of a player’s journey through Hallownest, the mysterious world of “Hollow Knight,” can vary greatly based on individual choices and playstyle. While some might glide through the main storyline, others could find themselves enthralled, delving deep into every hidden chamber and lore piece. Here’s a breakdown of elements that can shape that experience:

Exploration Depth: Hollow Knight is renowned for its expansive and intricately designed world, filled with secrets and hidden pathways. Players who revel in deep exploration will naturally spend more time uncovering every nook and cranny.

Skill Level: The game presents a challenging combat system and some particularly difficult bosses. Players less familiar with metroidvania-style games or platformers may find themselves spending more time in certain areas, retrying boss fights or navigating tough platforming sections.

Completion Goals: Aiming for a standard playthrough versus striving for 100% (or 112%) completion can vastly differ in hours spent. Collecting all charms, beating all optional bosses, and uncovering every secret adds considerable playtime.

Use of Guides: Players who consult walkthroughs or guides might expedite their progress through tricky sections or when locating hidden items, potentially reducing playtime.

DLC and Additional Content: Hollow Knight has several free content packs, such as “Hidden Dreams,” “The Grimm Troupe,” “Lifeblood,” and “Godmaster.” Engaging with these additional storylines and challenges can add significantly to playtime.

Charm Combinations: The variety of charms available allows for different gameplay styles. Experimenting with different charm combinations can add to playtime, as players may opt to re-engage with certain areas or bosses using varied strategies.

Lore Engagement: Delving into the lore, conversing with NPCs multiple times, and seeking out the many scattered lore tablets can add hours for those wanting a deeper understanding of Hallownest’s story.

Each player’s experience with “Hollow Knight” will be unique, and the above factors can greatly influence the total hours invested in this mesmerizing world of Hallownest.

Criteria for 100% Completion in Hollow Knight

Achieving 100% completion in “Hollow Knight” (and beyond, with the “Godmaster” content extending it to 112%) is a feat that requires thorough exploration, combat prowess, and dedication. To help players determine what’s needed for this ambitious milestone, here’s a list of criteria:

  1. Collect All Charms: There are 40 unique charms scattered across Hallownest. Acquiring each of these not only provides gameplay advantages but also contributes to completion percentage.
  2. Defeat All Bosses: This includes both mandatory and optional bosses. Some, like the Dream bosses, offer more challenging variants of earlier encounters.
  3. Complete Dreamer Sequences: There are three main Dreamers to locate and awaken within the game, each contributing to the main storyline’s progression.
  4. Achieve Max Nail Upgrades: The Knight’s primary weapon, the Nail, can be upgraded several times. Ensuring it’s at its maximum strength is essential for 100% completion.
  5. Achieve Max Soul and Health Upgrades: Collecting all Mask Shards and Vessel Fragments will maximize your health and Soul capacity, respectively.
  6. Complete the Dream Nail Collection: This entails collecting a certain number of Essence by defeating Dream Warriors and collecting Whispering Roots.
  7. Discover All Areas: Fully exploring and unlocking all the regions in the game map, from the Greenpath to the Abyss, contributes to completion.
  8. Complete All Grub Rescues: Throughout Hallownest, there are trapped grubs. Rescuing all of these little creatures is another requirement for 100% completion.
  9. Unlock All Abilities: This includes movement and combat abilities, such as the Mothwing Cloak, Mantis Claw, and various spells.
  10. Complete the Hunter’s Journal: Engaging and defeating each enemy type in the game will fill out the Hunter’s Journal. Fully completing this journal is essential for reaching 100%.

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