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How to Reset Pokémon X on a 3DS? A Step-by-Step Guide

Thinking about starting over in Pokémon X on your Nintendo 3DS? Whether you want a fresh start or just feel like experiencing the game from the beginning again, restarting can offer a new perspective.

However, before you dive in, there are a few things you should know. This guide will cover the ins and outs of restarting your game, from the implications of resetting to the actual steps and what to do afterward.

Let’s get started on how to properly reset your Pokémon X game and embark on your next adventure.

Preparing for the Reset

Before diving into the reset process for Pokémon X, taking a few preparatory steps ensures you retain any valued content and minimize regret later on. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you brace for the impending reset:

1. Backup Important Pokémon

Pokémon Bank: This is a cloud-based storage service for Pokémon games. Transfer any Pokémon you’re attached to or find valuable to the Pokémon Bank. From there, they can be retrieved later or even transferred to other Pokémon games.

Trading: If you have a friend with a Pokémon game or a second device, consider trading over Pokémon you wish to save. They can trade them back to you after you’ve restarted.

2. Item Preservation

Some items in Pokémon are rare and hard to come by. Consider trading Pokémon holding these items to another game. Once you’ve restarted, you can trade them back to recover those items.

3. Note Special Event Pokémon and Items

If you’ve received any event-specific Pokémon or items, remember that these might not be available again. Ensure they are safely stored in the Pokémon Bank or another game cartridge.

Step-by-Step Resetting Process

1. Key Combination for Reset: Once you’re on the title screen, you need to press a specific combination of buttons to initiate the reset process. Simultaneously hold:

  • Up on the D-pad
  • B button
  • X button

2. Confirmation Prompt: Shortly after pressing the key combination, a message will pop up, asking if you want to delete all your saved data. This is your last chance to reconsider, as the action is irreversible. If you’re sure, confirm that you want to delete your saved data.

3. Initiate the Reset: Upon confirmation, the game will commence the reset process. This might take a few moments. Once done, all your progress, Pokémon, and items will be deleted.

4. Start a New Journey: After the reset, you will be greeted with the initial setup of the game. You can choose your character’s appearance and name, and then embark on a new adventure in the Kalos region.

Understanding the Implications of a Restart

Embarking on a new journey in Pokémon X by restarting your game can be an exhilarating decision. However, before taking this step, it’s crucial to grasp the full scope of what it means to restart and the effects it will have on your game data. This section delves deep into the implications associated with a game reset.

  1. Permanent Data Loss: A restart is a complete wipe of your saved game. This means all your progress in the Pokémon X storyline, the Pokémon you’ve caught, the items you’ve collected, and any other in-game achievements will be permanently erased. There’s no undoing this action or recovering the deleted data.
  2. Starting from Scratch: Post-restart, you’ll be starting the game from the very beginning. You’ll need to go through the game’s initial setup, choose your starter Pokémon again, and rebuild your team from scratch.
  3. Loss of Special Pokémon or Items: If you’ve acquired special event Pokémon or limited-time items, these will be lost upon a restart. Before deciding to reset, it’s essential to transfer any unique or valuable Pokémon and items to another game or the Pokémon Bank.
  4. Opportunity for a Fresh Experience: On the positive side, a restart gives you a chance to relive the magic of the game. You can make different choices, select a different team, or approach challenges with new strategies. It’s an opportunity for a fresh experience and a new perspective on the game.

Post-Reset Actions

Once you’ve successfully reset Pokémon X on your Nintendo 3DS, a new adventure awaits! But before diving straight into the world of Kalos again, there are some steps you might want to consider for a smoother and more tailored gaming experience. Here’s what you can do post-reset:

  1. Character Customization: As you begin, you’ll be prompted to choose your character’s appearance and name. This is your chance to experiment with a new look or identity if you wish to change things up from your previous playthrough.
  2. Plan Your Team: With prior experience in the game, you now have the advantage of strategizing in advance. Consider which Pokémon you’d like on your team, the moves they should learn, and how you’ll counter specific gym leaders.
  3. Retrieve Saved Pokémon and Items: If you’ve stored Pokémon or items in the Pokémon Bank or traded them to a friend, now’s the time to retrieve them. Depending on your game strategy, you might want to wait until you’ve reached a certain point in the game before bringing back high-level Pokémon.
  4. Revisit Side Quests and Challenges: Pokémon X offers various side quests and challenges. With your new start, you can choose to engage with them in a different order or approach, or even skip some if you found them less engaging the first time around.
  5. Engage in Multiplayer Battles Early On: With the knowledge from your previous playthrough, challenge yourself by participating in multiplayer battles early in the game. It can be a fun way to test your strategies and skills against other players.
  6. Enjoy the Storyline: While you may remember key plot points, try immersing yourself in the storyline once again. Sometimes, a second run can provide a deeper appreciation or notice details missed during the first playthrough.

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