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How Long is Kirby Star Allies? A Playtime Guide

If you’re curious about the duration of Kirby Star Allies and how different play styles might affect the overall playtime, this guide will provide insights.

Whether you’re aiming for a quick run-through of the main story or seeking a complete 100% finish, we’ve got the details covered.

How Long is Kirby Star Allies?

Main Story:

For players experiencing Kirby Star Allies for the first time and focusing primarily on the main story, on average, it would take 5 hours and 50 minutes. This includes navigating the colorful worlds, battling foes, and experiencing the core narrative.

Main Story + Some Extras:

For players who delve into the main story and also tackle some extras, such as discovering hidden puzzle pieces and exploring additional stages, the gameplay duration is approximately 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Completionists (100%):

Those aiming for 100% completion—finding all collectibles, conquering every bonus stage, and fully exploring the game’s content—can expect to invest about 15 to 17 hours.


Speedrunners aim to finish the game as rapidly as possible using various strategies and shortcuts and have diverse categories for their runs. As of writing, the speedrun record for Kirby: Star Allies’ main story is 1 hour and 20 minutes and 58 seconds.

Factors that Influence Playtime

The duration of a game isn’t just about its core content; it’s also shaped by individual player choices, styles, and interactions. By understanding the in-game factors, players can better gauge the potential length of their personal gaming experience.

  1. Player Familiarity: Those who have played previous Kirby games might find themselves progressing faster due to their experience with similar game mechanics and strategies.
  2. Difficulty Level: Kirby Star Allies doesn’t have traditional difficulty settings, but challenges like “The Ultimate Choice” mode, especially on higher difficulties like Soul Melter, can considerably extend playtime for those seeking to conquer them.
  3. Exploration: The game has numerous stages, including EX stages and hidden areas. Players who aim to explore every part of each stage, rather than just rushing through, will spend more time playing.
  4. Collecting Picture Pieces: Some players may wish to collect every rare Picture Piece scattered across stages, which adds to playtime as they hunt for these collectibles.
  5. Side Modes and Mini-Games: Engaging in side modes like “Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!” or mini-games like “Chop Champs” and “Star Slam Heroes” will add hours to the playtime, especially for those aiming for top scores.
  6. Character Variability: Kirby Star Allies allows players to recruit various allies. Experimenting with different team compositions and abilities can influence the playtime, especially for those keen on trying out every possible combination.
  7. Replayability: After completing the main story, players might revisit stages or challenges to improve scores, find missed collectibles, or experience gameplay with different allies, all of which can add to the total playtime.
  8. Use of Guides: Players who refer to walkthroughs or guides will reduce their playtime by having a clear path or strategy. Conversely, those avoiding external help may spend extra time discovering everything organically.

Criteria for 100% Completion:

To achieve a full 100% completion in “Kirby Star Allies,” players are expected to meet several in-game milestones:

  1. Main Story Progression: Finish the Story Mode, ensuring you’ve tackled every stage, including EX stages (with the exception of Ability Planet). Additionally, gather all the unique Picture Pieces.
  2. Guest Star Mode: Successfully complete at least one run of the Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! mode.
  3. Mini-Games Mastery: Achieve a ranking of at least 3rd place in the highest difficulty levels of both Chop Champs and Star Slam Heroes.
  4. The Ultimate Challenge: Conquer The Ultimate Choice mode, ensuring you’ve faced and overcome the Soul Melter difficulty at least once.

Upon accomplishing these tasks, players are greeted with a celebratory image signifying their 100% completion achievement.

It’s worth noting a few additional points:

  • Completion of all Celebration Pictures, including those introduced in Version 4.0.0, isn’t a prerequisite for 100% completion. While the game acknowledges this achievement, the only reward is the Celebration Pictures themselves.
  • While it’s not necessary to clear Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! and The Ultimate Choice with every character for 100% completion, doing so is recognized by the game. Moreover, reaching this milestone alters the title screen music in Guest Star mode.

Lastly, after securing 100% completion in Kirby Star Allies, players might occasionally hear the “Green Greens” theme from “Kirby Air Ride” when navigating the game’s menu.

For those curious about the distribution of completion percentages, the primary tasks contributing to the 100% mark are:

  • Story Mode
  • The Ultimate Choice
  • Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
  • Chop Champs
  • Star Slam Heroes

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