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How Much Does a Nintendo Switch Game Weigh? A Comprehensive Breakdown

The Nintendo Switch, since its launch, has become one of the most popular gaming consoles worldwide. While most discussions revolve around its games, graphics, and portability, there’s a practical detail that some might overlook: the weight of the games themselves.

Whether you’re considering shipping a game to a friend, packing for a trip, or just curious, understanding the weight of a Nintendo Switch game can be quite useful. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of how much a Nintendo Switch game weighs and why it might matter to you. Let’s get started.

How Much Does a Nintendo Switch Game Weigh?

The weight of a Nintendo Switch game cartridge itself is very light, weighing in at approximately 1-2 grams.

However, if you’re referring to the entire package, including the plastic case, cover art, and any included inserts, then the total weight is typically around 58 grams (or about 2 oz).

Keep in mind that some games might have more inserts, such as manuals or additional components, than others, which can slightly increase the weight.

The cost to ship a Nintendo Switch game varies based on several factors:

For a ballpark figure, shipping a single game domestically in the US using a basic service like USPS First Class might cost between $3 to $5. International shipping costs can vary widely, starting from $10 to $25 or more, depending on the destination and service chosen. Always check current rates before shipping.

  1. Destination: Domestic shipping (within the same country) is generally cheaper than international shipping.
  2. Shipping Method: Options range from standard postal services to express or overnight courier services. The faster you want the game to arrive, the more it will cost.
  3. Package Weight: While a Nintendo Switch game is relatively light, the total weight with packaging can influence the shipping cost.
  4. Package Size: Some couriers not only consider weight but also the size of the package. A bulky package might incur additional charges.
  5. Insurance: If you’re shipping a valuable or limited-edition game, you might want to insure it. This adds to the shipping cost.
  6. Tracking and Delivery Confirmation: Services that allow you to track your package or require a signature upon delivery can add to the cost.
  7. Customs and Duties: For international shipments, there might be additional customs or import fees upon arrival in the destination country. This doesn’t usually apply directly to the shipping cost, but it’s an additional expense for the recipient to consider.

To get an accurate estimate:

  • If you’re using a postal service, like the US Postal Service, Royal Mail, Canada Post, etc., check their online rate calculators.
  • If you’re using a courier service, like FedEx, UPS, or DHL, they also offer online tools to estimate shipping costs.

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